My 21st Century’s
Letter Press Printing Studio

Ten Years of Bookart at bleikloetzle Studio



There was one single reason which I founded my studio named bleikloetzle for: designing, cutting and printing woodcuts. Fairly quickly I discovered the fascination of metal type and decided it was good company in printing broadsides, portfolios and artist’s books.

So here I had arrived right in the middle of book arts. Meanwhile bleikloetzle has a choice of some 600 cases containing about 60 different sorts of type, mainly metal, some wood.

Over the years a rich variety of projects has grown from the work with the old tools.

Ten years have gone now since I started making woodcuts and printing books. My first book was “Little Niak” the last so far published was  “Beautiful Lau - her sad fate and how it turned into a happy life”, presented during the days of bleikloetzles 10th anniversary from 23-25 October 2009.


It was a far way to go. All my prints and broadsides and portfolios and books and artist’s posters count up to far more than one hundred. And still there are enough ideas for the next ten years - at least.




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