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Arts joined up


Working as an artist is something you can do all on your own. Or together with others. Both ways can have their special possibilities.










Find more information on the al-Mutanabbi-Broadside-Project and some of the exhibition venues here.


An Inventory of al-Mutanabbi-Street!

The al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition asked Book Artists from around the world to each donate three books to make up an inventory of al-Mutanabbi-Street.

261 artists
followed the call.




book of the night

international bookart project with more than 30 artists contributing
curated by andreas kramer (berlin)
presented at venice in autumn 2010

Find fotos of the show here!

Find the video of the opening on you tube: “il libro dela notte, galleria venezia viva”

Project  “Europa? Wir! Künstler schlagen Brücken” (Europe? That’s us! Artists building bridges)

The group KFT ( Kulturfreientreff Göppingen) initiated and organized this project. In the sow nearly 40 regional artists presented their work. The sow opened on 9 Mai 2007 was due to close two weeks later but the public asked for more and in the end the show run for 6 weeks and closed on 23 June, which was the night of culture in Goeppingen. bleikloetzle helped with ideas and organizing and apart from this printed the artist’s poster and bound the guest book for the project.

Goeppingen free radio  Radio  FIPS reported live from the opening and from the night of culture..




Show “Augenblicke” - together with Thomas Pfister

The exhibition in 2005 presented Thomas’ nature fotography together with German poetry by Rilke and others. Both, poems and fotos, were showing moments in nature thus combining visual and literary sensations.  The 13 typographic prints come in a portfolio.
The exhibition was presented in Kulturhaus Obere Fabrik, Sissach, Switzerland, in September 2005.





“blues & beyond” - together with Harry Hirsch

In 2005 Harry Hirsch not only published a new music CD but had a DVD to go with it in his special edition. So we constructed a very special booklet, Harry doing the illustrative work including the pop-up-deer, bleikloetzle doing the typography, printing and bookbinding. Here you are! The booklets went to and fro between Schurwald and Fichtelgebirge a couple of times as work proceeded.




Drucktopf - Buchmacherey Heinrich Helserdeich
The Printers’ Cauldron, edited by Buchmacherey Heinrich

Until 2007 the new editions of Drucktopf were published every other year at Minipressenmesse at Mainz. Starting with the 2009 edition the books will be released at Norddeutsche Handpressenmesse at Hamburg. Every volume presents recipies, may the be cookable or not, printed by more then 40 artists. The book comes like a portfolio allowing every single sheet to be taken out and put back in again. Surprising enough: Klaus Uwe Heinrich never runs out of ideas for having a new sort of clasp for every volume.

Bleikloetzle printed a vampire-fighting recipe for beans (really really garlicy) in 2005 and in 2007 it was cookies for dogs and in 2009 - what else could it have been: genuine Scottish Cock-a-leekie.




A Butterfly’s Dream by Dschuang Dsi - together with Bettina Kunzmann

The philosphor’s strory has been printed on deckle edge paper from Nepal and mounted on a bamboo stick to give a roll. Master crafts woman Bettina Kunzmann designed a special limited edition of tea cups to go with it: they have the Chinese signs for butterfly on them.

In 2007 a couple of books have been bound in butterfly cloth to match the roll ‘n cup made in 2003.




GOD MOVES ON THE WATER - together with Acoustic Blues Duo

In 2002 the booklet of the special and the luxury edition of their new CD has been hand printed and hand set at bleikloetzle. It was a demanding job to do since the size of the booklet set narrow limits to the type sizes that could be used.




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