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Centre for Fine Print Research at UWE, Bristol (UK)

There is a lot of book arts information to get a this site, and you can sign up for their book arts newsletter:

Artist’s Book Directory


The Fine Press Book Association

The Fine Press Book Association will give you information on Fine Press Printing, Artist’s Books and Presses all over the world.


Edited and printed at Whittington Press nr. Cheltenham (UK)

Atelier G

Gudrun Illert is into writing books. She uses calligraphy and paintig techniques for her unique art. Each book is a one off.

She also is dedicated to organzing the “Buchkunst Weimar” an exhibition of book arts every other year.

Offizin Schwarze Kunst

Hans-Hilmar Koch is a letterpress printer and runs his museum/printing office in Krakow on the Sea in Mecklenburg. He also has a gallery in the city of Schwerin in Muenzgasse.

Serving the printer’s needs since the 18th century CASLON, now at St. Albans, even nowadays supplie spare parts and service for their ADANA platen machines.

The place we all treasure: Bernhard Dorn sells it all - ink and aprons, composing sticks and awls, furniture, paper, whatever we printmakers need ... even advice if need be ...

Drucken und Lernen

Gertrud and Peter

The printing studio afloat: on Klipperaak “Gertrud”


Neumann-Mill, Kirnitzsch-Valley, Saxonia

Here you will find one of the oldest mechanical wood pulp machines, dating back to the 1870ties.

Museum Paper Mill Homburg and Homburg Paper Manufactury

Papermaker Johannes Follmer produces bespoke handmade paper, made to the specification of his customers, even with individually designed water marks.

Hamburger Buntpapier

Susanne Krause is in to completely hand made paste paper in historic designs for restauration and other purposes. She also runs a publishing house specialised in books on decorated paper. She will send you a catalogue with specimens of her decorated paper on request and she offers workshops.

Go to her own website by clicking the headline above or the image


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Bay Pottery, Skye (Scotland)

Maggie Zerafa settled on Skye a couple of years ago turning the old Café on Armadale Pier in Sleat into a pottery - her ceramics show the colours of Skye: lovely ochres, browns, off-whites and a blue without weight

Artists Adress Global Warming

Marianne Midelburg
presenting her Wild Women and much more of her fascinating art work at Kulturmuehle Rechberghausen (January 2007)

Now a number of her crocheted sea slugs is part of the huge crocheted coral reef of the IFF  - and now in 2011 part of a big show at the Smithsonian Institute - The Institute For Figuring


sells beautiful African cloth which is hand batik or hand printed some of them are lovely damask! You’d love to have a look? Click the image.

This is the place where you find paper’s beauties handcrafted.

´Book-lover’s paradise.

Woodcut Museum in the Swabian Mountains: Holzschnitt-Museum Klaus Herzer

The Poetry Site:


A lovely beach, award winning hot chocolate and gorgeous handmade truffles - and all that in Scotland? Yep!
It is called Cocoa Mountain:
where you can have the best freshly made truffles (Award Winning in 2009!) in the northwest of Scotland! Visit their website now or go straight ahead to Balnakeil Crafts Village near Durness, Sutherland. Paul and James will have a warm welcome for you, a cup of hot chocolate and a fascinating variety of truffels.

Want to order your fresh Durness truffles now? Then go for it right here! You can even get your personal choice of truffles - have a go, it is easy: fill your box with click and drop

Enjoy your wonderful Cocoa Mountain hot chocolate on a sunny day outside their chocolate bar and love the spectacular scenery of northwest Scotland!



BK - Bundesverband Handwerk Kunst Design

Die bundesweite Interessenvertretung des gesamten deutschen Kunsthandwerks und der Berufsverband für die zeitgenössisch arbeitenden Kunsthandwerkerinnen und Kunsthandwerker.

It is a sad moment to say that Harald has left us shortly before christmas in 2009. There are too man songs that now remain unsung by him. He will be dearly missed..



Harry Hirsch

If you could listen to Harry Hirsch’s music here I need not make many words. He is playing the blues and the gospel, folksongs and rock – and his CD’s offer the choice between standard edition and special edition the latter always being a fascinating piece of book art.
Have a go: click his booklet on the right!




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