“Printmaking is an adventure.”
(HAP Grieshaber)

You would love to have more than a glimpse of it? There are places where, either at special events or regularly, you can watch printmaking or even have a go at it yourself! Just browse this side!

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There is, of course, my own studio ‘bleikloetzle’ with metal type, relief printing, woodcut and bookbinding all joined together.

Departement of type casting, setting and printing of the  Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt, Kirschenallee 88

The building is known as Haus der Industriekultur and is a bit out of the very centre of Darmstadt where the main building of the msueum is situated.

The collection of relief printing presses and the litho room are breathtaking not to speak of the still working type casting section. If you ever happen to come to Darmstadt (or Frankfurt, as it is only some 20 km away), try to free yourself for a day and pay a visit to this wonderful place.

Work on show by honorary experts: Tuesday and Friday 10-12, Thursday 15-17 and on the last Saturday every month 14-17 Uhr.
Opening times of the museum: Tuesday to Saturday 10-17, Wednesday 10-20, Sunday 11-17 Uhr.
There is a program of workshops, call for information: (0 61 51) 16 57 41

Klick the image on the left for a link to the museum’s website

More about the collection of printing equipment: Website des Museumsverbandes

Druckkunst grenzenlos
(Printmaking without Frontiers)

There is a cooperation between Hessisches Landesmuseum and Kuenstlerhaus Ziegelhuette offering an ‘artist in residence’ scheme to printmaking artists. They can live in Kuenstlerhaus (a wonderful half-timbered house) and work in the printing rooms of the museum.
To the right: Manuel Lau from Canada had been staying in 2006.

For more information have a look further down at the “Künstlerhaus Ziegelhütte” entry

Druckladen of Gutenberg Museum at Mainz, Seilergasse 1

In Druckladen printmaking is a living craft. There are shows, workshops and special events for children.

Open all yaer Monday to Friday 9-17, Saturday 10-15 and by appointment. In addition on the first Thursady every month the Druckladen opens until 8 in the evening.

Find more: Druckladen

Minipressenmesse and Minipressenarchiv at Mainz (MMPM and MMPA)

Every other year (the odd numbers) the city of Mainz puts up two big tents on the bank of the river Rhine. A great number of book artists present their new books and whatever their back lists still provide.
The archive is a permanent institution.

Come to MMPM from 2-5 June 2011

More about the fair

Printing Museum at Rendsburg (Schleswig-Holstein)


City Museum Mosbach/Baden

The letter press museum shows among others a (mainly) working Linotype machine. Every other year (the even numbers) there is a book maker’s fair the presented works ranging from artist’s books to calligraphic works. .

Stadtmuseum Mosbach

Find more about: Buchmachermarkt

Offizin Schwarze Kunst

Hans Hilmar Koch is running his studio at Krakow in Mecklenburg . He is taking commisions on business cards and holds a stock of postcards, broadsides and fine printed books - all printed letter press on one of his old printing machines. He also offers workshops.
Find him in the old schoolhouse at:
Alte Schule, Schulplatz 1
D-18292 Krakow am See

and visit his website

Museum of Printmaking Leipzig

Christa Schwarztrauber at her letterpress studio Fliegenkopf in Munich

Museum of Work at Hamburg

presents an interesting collection of printing presses, machines, metal type and type casting, e.g. with Linotype machines. Every other year - tho odd ones - it is the home of the Northgerman Fair of Fine Printing during mid January .

Bartkowiaks forum book art

Click for more information on another bilingual website.

Have a look into the new web catalogue of international book art.

Kuenstlerhaus Ziegelhuette at Darmstadt

Hessisches Landesmuseum and Kuenstlerhaus Ziegelhuette have joined to provide the ‘Printmaking without frontiers’-project, an artist in residence scheme for one printmaking artist each year, who can live at Kuenstlerhaus and work at the museum’s printing studios.

On the left you see Guy Langevin from Canada, artist of 2007


(The ‘ü’ letters in the webaddress above are correct in this case.)

Orbost Gallery

Run by the woodengraver Paul Kershaw and his wife you will find the gallery in Orbost , Waternish on Skye. The picture shows one of Paul’s printing presses.

Raven Press Gallery

Run by the woodengraver Kathleen Lindsley who refurbished and redisegned the old cottage in Colbost near Dunvegan on Skye to make a lovely gallery (not far from Orbost Gallery!)




Druckgraphik Atelier Berlin

Eberhard Hartwig, artist and printer, offers workshops for adults, children, collectors and fellow artists providing facilities for relief print/letter press, lithography, intaglio, monoprint, papermaking plus drawing/painting.

All in the vibrant city of Berlin - find a link to his website on either of the photos.





Johannes Follmer And His Working Paper Making Museum in Homburg-Triefenstein

Johannes Follmer is one of the few who can make wonderful paper with their own hands. He offers demonstrations in papermaking, guided walks through his paper mill and an artist’s service. Visit him at his website: Click on the watermark on the left, (a paper he made according to my specifications).



Hans Ulrich is one of the last who has learnt to become a master craftsman of lithography. His working place can be found at Esslingen.




Kunstmuseum Spendhaus at Reutlingen, Spendhausstrasse 4

Not far from Achalm, a part of the famous Swabian Montains, the home of the famous HAP Grieshaber is the town of Reutlingen. The Kunstmuseum Spendhaus, a lovely refurbished half-timbered house has becom the home of Grieshaber’s old printing press. Exhibitions are mainly on woodcut showing the work from artists all over the world.

To the museum

Klaus Herzer’s Museum of Woodcut at Moessingen

He who has made his way to Reutlingen for a visit at Spendhaus can easily go a bit further south as well and will find at Moessingen the museum of the woodcut artist Klaus Herzer, located in the former town hall.

To the Museum

Letter Press Aboard!

Peter Voege  will be having his printing work place on a marvellously restored old boat on the northwest coast of Germany - soon.

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