Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here (2012)

A selection of the Manarah-poems has been printed in a special limited edition of cards and goes to the project for fund-raising at readings and activities joined to  exhibitions of the al-Mutanabbi-Street-Inventory artwork. For dates and locations of shows of the project’s artwork see our extra al-Mutanabbi Street website or ask Sarah Bodman at UWE Bristol. In 2012 there will be special activities to commemorate the al-Mutanabbi-Street bombing on March 5th five years ago.


Manarah (2011)

is a limited edition bookarts magazine printed letter press.Every issue presents a collection of poems on one specific theme, the first 3 issues are on war, time and love.

“Manarah” ia an arabic word for lighthouse or in general a place shedding light. It later developed into “minaret”. “Divan” is a Persian word and means a collection of poetry.

Of the first three issues one copy each will be part of the al-Mutanabbi-Street-Inventory project

Where My Books Go (2009)

One project in the course of many others was the al-Mutanabbi Street Broadside-Project:

Many thanks to all the printers who contributed broadsides for this project in time for the November deadline. The total of 130 printers was reached for this project organised by the al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition which has been arranging readings and other events since April 2007 to fundraise for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).Al-Mutanabbi Street Broadsides

You can see some of the broadside contributions we received to send on, on our exhibitions pages.
For any details on the project please contact Beau Beausoleil - Founder of the al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition: Beau Beausoleil

The first set broadsides can be viewed at the Florida Atlantic University/Jaffe Center for Book Arts site, where all the broadsides will be added to the online gallery:

Text from Sarah Bodman, UWE Bristol


To protest & commemorate the bombing of al-Mutanabbi Street, the centre of bookselling in Baghdad, on March 5th 2007, the al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition is organizing readings and other events that will beginn in March 2009 as a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders.


“kriegslied” (2008)

song of war

Lines from Matthias Claudius, composed from Semper-Antiqua, linoprint and painting. Deckle edge paper.
Size approx. 25x66 cm.
22 sheets (one-of-a-kinds)

“Wo roter Mohn tanzend blüht” (2006)

Where the Red Poppies Dance!

Concertina folded broadside in a portfolio. Original text are the lyrics of the song “No Man’s Land” by Eric Bogle. He kindly gave the permission for Annette C. Disslin putting the song in German words.
 Hand composed from Trajanus, 6 woodcut illustrations rubbed off by hand, printed on white deckle edge paper. 12 pp, 250 by 310 mm (9,8 by 12,2 inch), when folded out it stretches to a length of 3 meters.
Text in German, English lyrics available on Eric Bogle’s official website:

Limited edition of 11 copies.

Menschen-Würde-Rechte (2005)


A choice of articles from the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights. Composed by hand from Futura, the veining of a wooden board rubbed off by hand. Book with a twin concertina folding, the covers swing open to make the book stand up. Printed on a strong Fedrigoni paper in a shade of gray and green. 16 pp, 300 by 400 mm (11,8 by 15,7 inch), text in German, English text available via UN-Website.

Bound in a shining fine silk of deep red.

Limited edition of 5 copies, one of them owned by Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt.
Printed in 2005

Find the text in your own language here: United Nations

Vol. 2 of the TERTIA-Series

Gabriel Honoré Riquetti Graf Mirabeau: “On the Freedom of Religious Thought”

Speech held when debating the Declaration of Human Rights in 1789, giving evidence that the freedom of religious thought is a necessity for any human being.

Hand composed from Baskerville, a type of Mirabeau’s time, printed on a fine structered paper of a decent grey, end paper in a historical pattern of the time hand made by Susanne Krause, Hamburg, cover made from African hand batik damask. 24pp, 110 by 200 mm (4,3 by 7,8 inch). Text in German.
Limited edition of 16 copies.

Printed in 2003, when Iraq war was going on and the debate was on whether or not catholic and protestant Christians should be allowed receiving the Lord’s Supper together.

War die Schlacht schön, mein Herr ? (2003)

Did you like the battle, Sir? - Tell me of its use! How many did you kill, Sir, and, how many did you loose?

The original text is a folksong by J. Richards and D. Pregg with the titel “The Battle”. Annette C. Disslin put it in German words, composed it by hand from a very worn Post-Antiqua and a couple of different Bodonis. It is printed on a strong chamois deckle edge paper.

Standard edition: 4 one-of-a-kinds (2003/2008), numbered by Arabic numerals, earth pigments painted on top of printed text.
Special edition: 8 one-of-a-kinds (2003), numbered by Roman numerals. The text being printed after the paper had been painted with colours made purely from earth pigments in the shades of earth and blood.

Printed in 2003, when Iraq war started.

Triptych Commemorating September 11th

Colour woodcut, text hand composed, letter press printed on white deckle edge paper,
Limited edition of 22 copies. Text in German.

The woodcut shows a twin tree top thus bridging between an eastern and a western philosophical thought, their similarity in meaning expressing the hope that the destroyed twin towers sometime in the future will much more join east and west rather than separate them.

Printed in 2001, after the World Trade Center attack.



One main focus in my work is how people can get along with each other in peace.
I have again and again met with the situation that somebody disapproves of something for the only reason that it is different to what he is used to, but I never ever found an answer to the question why this happens. Where people find it difficult to meet their fellows with respect, decency, sincerity and fairness, where they condemn and reject their fellow instead, where they put their selfish interests in the first place without regarding their neighbor’s pain and grieve and natural rights, there way is given to contempt, hatred is sown and the seedlings are discord and war.

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